Changing of the Guard Chickens

Two years later, all those birds are now either deceased or given away.

And a whole new crop of 22 birds arises! Brahmas. Polish. Even an incredible Fleur d’Uccle. So tiny!

And as always, mountains and mountains of poop.


Death Creeps Up Silently

Lost four birds to a fox over the course of two weeks. 

He is no more. 

Mud Eggs

10a- Looked in. Wet.

11a- Looked in, very wet. Leghorn, Welsummer, GLWyandotte sneaked out so let all out.

3p- Treats. Rice.

4p- Many, many mud-covered eggs.

5p-Treats. String Cheese.

6p- Bedtime.


Collected Eggs

6a– Slept in.

10a– Welsummer on pine shavings.

Noon– Treats (rice and bacon grease)

3p– Collected eggs. 14. A record.

6p– Bedtime.

Cleaned Poo

10a–Cleaned poo.

Noon–Collected eggs. 11.

2p–Snacks. Rice w/ buttermilk.

3p–Cleaned poo.





Cleaned coop

9a–Removed pine shavings

10a–Added new pine shavings

Noon–Collected eggs. 13.

3p–Treats. Scrambled eggs

5p–Cleaned poo


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