Changing of the Guard Chickens

Two years later, all those birds are now either deceased or given away.

And a whole new crop of 22 birds arises! Brahmas. Polish. Even an incredible Fleur d’Uccle. So tiny!

And as always, mountains and mountains of poop.


Mud Eggs

10a- Looked in. Wet.

11a- Looked in, very wet. Leghorn, Welsummer, GLWyandotte sneaked out so let all out.

3p- Treats. Rice.

4p- Many, many mud-covered eggs.

5p-Treats. String Cheese.

6p- Bedtime.


Collected Eggs

6a– Slept in.

10a– Welsummer on pine shavings.

Noon– Treats (rice and bacon grease)

3p– Collected eggs. 14. A record.

6p– Bedtime.

Cleaned Poo

10a–Cleaned poo.

Noon–Collected eggs. 11.

2p–Snacks. Rice w/ buttermilk.

3p–Cleaned poo.





Cleaned coop

9a–Removed pine shavings

10a–Added new pine shavings

Noon–Collected eggs. 13.

3p–Treats. Scrambled eggs

5p–Cleaned poo


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